Garment Factory Gears Up for Post-Covid demand

We are currently working on a contract for Castleforge Partners in Glasgow’s Garment Factory, creating 12 new offices designed for businesses in need of flexible space.

This is repeat business with Landlords, Castleforge who we previously worked with at the Savoy Tower and 58 Waterloo St in Glasgow. 

Castleforge decided to focus its construction on more communal facilities so it can adapt to the needs of businesses in a “post-pandemic world”. The office suites which are designed to accommodate teams of 10 to 20 will range in size from 247sq ft to 764 sq ft but can be combined to create larger spaces if needed. The suites and the shared communal spaces are designed and finished to an extremely high standard allowing businesses to be operational from day one. 

Construction is expected to be completed later this month. 

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