Suspended Ceilings

Scotwood Interiors has the ability and experience to design and construct ceiling systems of all types of complexity, from basic modular grid right through to a sophisticated purpose-built high performance ceiling system.

We can supply and install the following types of ceiling:

Suspended Systems

A suspended ceiling offers some real advantages over the permanent variety. It conceals services and obstructions attached to the underside of existing soffits, yet allows easy access to the ceiling void for maintenance purposes.

Tiles can be lifted out easily from any position, making it simple to service the ceiling void and access any area required. Also any damaged tiles can be easily replaced. Suspended ceilings are not only decorative and functional but can provide acoustic and thermal insulation as well as improving sound quality in critical areas.

We use a wide assortment of tiles that will suit any environment. An exposed interlocking metal grid system, provides you with a decorative yet practical solution to all your ceiling needs. Scotwood offers suspended ceilings from all the best major manufacturers including Armstrong, SAS, Ecophon, USG, British Gypsum, Burgess, Rockfon and OWA.

With a suspended system you can add insulation and install ceiling lights by simply removing an acoustical panel and replacing it with a special drop-in fluorescent fixture, you can even add a drop in that has a built in heating element.

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Bulkhead Designs

Bulkheads can create a positive ambience in a room by giving them a space age or contemporary feel. Ceiling bulkheads that cover mechanical and structural work also help define the living and working areas of any building or office and can be as creative as you like. For example, we can build around air conditioning or be very practical and simply hide piping and electrics.

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MF Ceilings

The concealed MF ceiling system is the more traditional form of application. The system can utilise one or more layers of a wide range of boards, from basic wallboards to special boards which meet specific fire, acoustic, moisture or aesthetic requirements.

The boards are fixed onto a concealed lightweight metal framework of MF ceiling channels and MF perimeter channels. The lightweight galvanised grid is suspended by either strap hangers or angle sections fixed to the structural soffit with soffit cleats. The tapered edge boards can be taped and jointed using jointing compounds and accessories. Alternatively, a skim coat with board finish can be applied to achieve a more traditional plaster finish.

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Bespoke Ceilings

Sometimes you may want something a little out of the ordinary, something that makes your business stand out above your competitors. At Scotwood Interiors we can provide bespoke ceilings to complement and enhance the design of your business or property.

Scotwood Interiors have acquired considerable expertise in the design, manufacture & installation of bespoke ceilings by working closely with our clients and designers to create practical, affordable solutions that range from the simplest, to the most intricate or grandest designs, but also that fulfil the design criteria for each project.

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